TEChNICAL forums


  • MINING LEADERS forum: challenges and opportunities

    Leaders of national and international mining companies will talk about their experiences, their company´s plans, the challenges and great opportunities of doing mining in Peru.

  • mining public policies 2018 - 2021 forum

    The new government´s mining agenda, strategies and policies necessary for the development of the mining industry in the country will be discussed by government representatives and analysts.

  • Mining Projects Operations and Expansions

    CEO´s and top executives from leading mining companies that have operations in Peru will give presentations about their company´s plans; future projects and expansions that are generating more expectations, and the status of the projects currently being developed.

  • Supply and Logistics Forum

    Logistics challenges of the mining industry, future logistics trends, as well as efficient logistics management as a key factor for development and productivity are the main topics of this forum.

  • Investment Climate, Markets and Prices Forum

    Experts in investments and markets will give presentations about the international climate for mining investment, Peru´s outlook as a main investment destination, as well metal price trends.

  • Social and Environmental Development Forum

    The social and environmental aspects of mining operations, their contribution to the country´s sustainable development and the policies that promote the integration of the mining industry in the communities will be addressed by regional and business leaders.

  • Mining Engineering & Technology Forum

    Innovations and technological advances in the fields of mining, ore processing, geology and environmental protection will be presented by renowned experts and specialists. Lectures open to Expomina participants.


  • Education and Innovation Forum

    This forum aims to promote research and innovation in the various mining fields, through experiences and success stories shared by renowned mining professionals. Lectures open to Expomina participants.

Grupo Digamma: Av. Arequipa 4035 - Miraflores T. (511) 628 6300