Expomina offers excellent sponsorship opportunities to promote the sponsors´ brand through TV spots, ads in El Comercio newspaper, Rumbo Minero Magazine, local and international publications, brochures, flyers, e-bulletins, web site, invitations to Confemin, among other important benefits.

  • 6m2 Booth (equipped)*
  • 30” Advertising spot in Special Expomina – to be transmitted in Rumbo Minero TV Program  by  Canal N*
  • 10” Advertising banner in EXPOMINA Special - to be transmitted in Rumbo Minero TV Program  by  Canal N*
  • 1 minute corporate video to be projected in the event giant screen (5.00 m wide x 3.00 m high)*
  • Photograph of a company representative to be placed on the website of the event*
  • A place on the main stage of the opening ceremony * for a company representative*
  • 5.46 m wide and 5.66 m high space for a banner of in the fairgrounds*
  • 20 minutes conference in one of the auditoriums of the fair, with capacity for more than 250 people *, to be given by a company representative*
  • 30 minutes availability to access to auditorium for a press conference*
  • Logo in all graphic pieces of the event*

 *According to category of sponsor.


Gabriela Chicoma, Communications Manager

T 628-6300  Extension 166

E mchicoma@digammaperu.com


Grupo Digamma: Av. Arequipa 4035 - Miraflores T. (511) 628 6300